Goblin 1200 CNC Kit


  • All square linear rails and bearings 

  • Precision fast travel 16mm diameter leadscrews on X, Y and Z

  • Z axis fitted as standard with 1.5kw air cooled spindle

  • Heavy-duty aluminium C-channel frame and 6061 T6 aluminium plate

  • Aluminium extrusion torsion beams

  • Steel table to mount the CNC machine on.

  • Neat wiring looms enclosed in drag chain

  • Home switches included

  • Easy to read instructions for assembly

  • Cut ½ size Ply sheeting

  • Unparalleled accuracy amongst its competitors

  • Cut wood, aluminium, bronze, brass, composite sheeting, plastics and more


  • Work Area (travel): 

    • X: 1280mm

    • Y: 1280mm

    • Z: 150mm

  • *Footprint (overall dim.): 

    • Width: 1550mm

    • Length: 1650mm

    • Height: 650mm (excluding table)

  • Cutting Speed X/Y:

    • 5000 mm/PM *

  • Drive System:

    • X/Y/Z: 16mm diameter D1610 leadscrew, 10mm/turns

    • Spyder jaw anti-backlash coupling with direct drive system

  • Theoretical Resolution:

    • X/Y/Z: 0.005mm repeatability *

 *Using our Gecko Drive G540 4 axis electronic package

 What's included

  • The Goblin 1200kit and table components

  • Pre-assembled axiis

  • X/Y/Z home switches 

  • Open style cable drag chain for X/Y/Z axiis

  • All required fasteners

  • 4 x NEMA 23 269ozin Stepper Motors

  • UC100 motion controller and Gecko DriveG540 controller

  • Z axis touch probe

  • Router mount,1.5kw aircooled ER16 spindle with Collet set

  • Wiring looms – plug and play

  • Laptop with Mach 3 software

  • Drawing sheet for the MDF wasteboard*, you need to provide this. Buy from Bunnings or Mitre10

 *You need to provide the MDF wasteboard because it's too big for shipping.